Tips For Forex Trading --- Just Another Experience Of Mine ---

Forex online trading is a way to make money fast. I have been for a forex trader for years. Before begin to trading, first I use my Demo Account for few months, I learn some technique and method before I try Real Account. And after I try Real Account for few months as forex trader I got much loss even never profit. Why I got much Loss here even I have used my technique? Well I don’t have risk management for my trading and maybe I was too greedy. Those who are beginners in forex online trading and you always get loss when trading, maybe this tips can help you. I collect these tips from a few sources.

1. Before you start for trade, try to collect as many as data. Data is very

important for your forex trading because it’s exercise trading skill through

analysis. Find data only related to its currency. The easiest way to collect data is news. You can find related currency news every where, from internet news or newspaper. And separate that news to 2 parts. One is for

short term analysis; second one for long term analysis

2. After you collect as many as data, do some analysis on what will happen

today through your analysis. If you feel you don’t have analysis according to those data just don’t do any trade.

3. Now you have data and analysis, then if you want, you can use some forex signal provide by some forex website like www.forexfactory.com or your own

broker website.

4. Use your analysis and signal to find a trend, and remember always follow the


5. Some people would like to use trapping technique (buy stop and sell stop at

the same time to trap the movement) on important news, but I don’t use it be cause when fluctuation on market the risk is there will be a gap when market is very volatile.

6. Have your own risk management.

7. Always use stop loss (I use between 30 to 45 pips).

8. And last one but important is from yourself, don’t be greedy.