Some Money Online And Scam

Making Money Online

If you read my previous post about “What Would Be My Blog , It’s only describe small thing on how you can earn money online as your side job, from home or just hobby. But after I browse some blog from popular blogger, there are many thing to earn money, there are:

1. Paid to Click
This Paid-to-click or also known Pay per click is a program that pay their member for clicking one ad to visit advertiser website. There are so many paid-to-click and pay per click website out there, some are really pay to member when reach minimum payout, some are scam and this one should be careful and should check on any search engine to know whether a paid to click website is scam or not.
Some paid to click program I participate and have paid me till now are





2. Paid to review
This one will pay their member to reviews an advertiser product. Some of famous paid to review are usually for those blogger who have high Page Rank and good in content quality.
Some paid to review website are
1. www.smorty.com
2. www.blogvertise.com
3. www.payperpost.com

3. Paid to read
These programs usually send emails to member’s mails to click on paid hyperlink so members get paid for clicks. But I never participate on this program cause can full my inbox mail either there’s an option to put mails on program website when members get login.

And there’s many other paid program from internet that I don’t discuss here. But you can search by yourself on search engine or by join some groups. But one thing you should know is BE CAREFULL OF THIS PROGRAM since there are many scam out there.