Beware Of Making Money Scam

Have you ever join on some making money online then you realize that the program was a scam? Oooo....yes I have, and I have that experinces too. It begin where I like to join on a paid-to-click and HYIP program. I just want to know whether I can get my money back or not, but lately when I want to payout the money, they didn't send to my online account. But not all of that programs are


, I still get payout from trusted money making program, because I used to join a forum to related topics. And here are some tips for you who want to join making money online program (you can visit www.ehow.com for more detail)
1. The first thing to consider when reading an article about making money online is, does the article sound believable? Does it sound legal? Does the program or system that you are buying into produce anything tangible or of any real worth to anyone? Does it offer a guarantee or trial period?

2. If everything seems to be legitimate at first glance, then it's time to do some investigating. Does the website offer contact information? Is there a phone number listed? If so, call the number and try to speak to a living human being. If you can't get through to anybody now, imagine how hard it will be to get a refund later if needed.

3. Visit the Better Business Bureau's website (www.bbb.com) and search for the website address (url) for the company that you are considering paying for services. Are they registered? If so, do they have any complaints against them? Do a whois lookup on the domain name. (ex. makelotsofmoneyovernight.com) Web sites like register.com are useful in performing a whois lookup. What name is the website registered under? If you search on this name, what information can you find online? If you find other web sites associated with the original website, search for them with the Better Business Bureau as well.

4. If you decide to make a purchase from a website, check to see if the "check out" page is on a secure server. If you are using Internet Explorer, look for the yellow lock symbol at the bottom of your web browser. Also be sure the web address begins with "https". When making a purchase, use a credit card rather than a debit card. Credit card companies usually cover fraudulent spending if someone obtains unauthorized access to your account.

Source : www.ehow.com