Maintenance For Your Leather Jacket

As you know

leather products

have been a human based fabric for clothes for almost centuries. Nowadays, leather fabric processed on various animal leather for example sheep, cow, even snake and crocodile. But the most common used for clothes are sheep and cow leather because the number of supply and also cheaper rather than snake and crocodile leather.
Product categories of leather products are:

Leather Wallet
Leather Jacket
Leather Bag
Leather Case
Leather Shoes

But mostly for fashion I prefer leather jacket and leather shoes, and I have some collections of leather jackets and leather shoes and I buy those not from big retail shop but from small industry in my country with export quality. For now I like to write about leather jacket maintenance cause of my few collections of this jacket. For leather jacket I prefer fabric made from sheep leather because its soft texture and smooth compare with cow or goat leather.

How to Care Your Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket can be used for long time as long as you know how to care so it will not dry and cracked. You can read some tips I got from www.ehow.com. But I have some experience I would like to share how to care your leather jacket:
1. First thing to know is read the manufacturer's instructions about how to care for your leather jacket. Look for the care label located inside your garment. Follow the care instructions.
2. Prevent your jacket from water spot and stain. If your jacket got wet, don’t dry your jacket under the sun directly, just naturally air dry.
3. Prevent your jacket from salt deposits and other stain
4. Don’t wash your jacket especially with detergent, it will dry and cracked.
5. For maintenance, use lotion or paste especially only for leather maintenance
6. Don’t use perfume or spray directly to your jacket
7. After use, hang your jacket using a hanger.
Some tips above maybe not a profesional one but can be applied if you have low budget to put your jacket on profesional leather cleaning specialist.