The Views And News - India Views And News

Recently, this day, when I was surfed internet, I looked for a blog named views and news. This blog is about news related to India. You can read a post about music, sport and even actresses with some category for its recent post. I know more about India is their Bollywood movies and their artists because it is very famous in my country especially Aishwarya Rai. The most I like is about “BOLLYWOOD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL AND SEXIEST” post, there are many categories that writer made to score for best women for each category. From my views, this blog has a good posts and the writer is update the blog often, so I can read more about India views and news. Thanks for this blogger to give me more views about your country and this blog some how change my view about India because I had been travel there 5 months ago. But one for suggestion for this blog is your dark template. I think your template is not match with your blog topic about views and news, I expect more bright color template for your blog, so I can read your blog with more attractive. For those who wants more about India related to views and news you can visit this blog at www.theviewsandnews.com