My New Wordpress Blog With New Template

On my plan to add a blog with hosting , I had just bought a new domain name. In this new domain, I plan to install Wordpress with new template I got from search engine. I don’t know what will be this blog, is it will be same with this Blogspot or maybe I can find a new topic that I most prefer. Well my domain name is still same with this blogger domain, I buy a name beastmoon.comfrom my local domain seller. After long time only with blogger now I have to use to with Wordpress, I still setting my widget and also find a quality post for this blog. Maybe I will look at few Wordpress blogger that is very good in template and widget, but not copy what they have before. Ok now, lets start with new blog template and format. Huh... not know what have to write and create for now, just relax......find back link.....think more posts to write.....huh...what a long....long....way....