My Experience on Domain Auction

I just want to continue my story on how to buy domain through domain auction.This post which about my experience on domain auction. It began when I bid a domain with PR4 and medium link popularity but low traffic. I bid for $10 and will ended until 7 days again. But few hours before ended, I still saw that I'm the highest bidder, but after 2 or 3 hours before ended, there is a bid from another bidder so then I bid again but what makes me confuse is few second after I click to confirm my bid suddenly I'm not the highest bidder anymore then the value of that domain raised from $10 of my bid to $45 at 1 hour 21 minutes before ended. Now, I'm very confuse about this method, after I'm waiting for almost 7 days then suddenly I lose that domain auction without known anything who's the winner. Just that of my question, maybe I will continue this post later...just drop to post this and.... looking for domain again....domain search mode ON