10 Adsense Tips from the Desk of: Roy Oron & Maayan Marzan

few months ago, I just had downloaded an e-book with title "10 Powerful Secrets to Make Money With Adsense!" by Roy Oron & Maayan Marzan
This e-book explain 10 tips to make money by Adsense. Here are the 10 tips :

1: Forget About Perfect Markets.
2: Quantity Outweighs Quality
3: This is business. It is not playtime.
4: Target your pages to Keyword Phrases
5: Use Relevant Content Related To the Theme
6: Use Fewer Links
7: The Fewer Ads the Better
8: Sell the Click…Carefully and Creatively
9: Avoid the "Advertise on this site" Program
10: Get Indexed in The Search Engines.

To know more about this e-book you can download here