Get Bored --- Then Find New Way To Start

After maybe over a month since last post, i became bored of my situation and my blog too. since i couldn't leave my work, i began to leave my blog
But now, i read other blog that you get paid for post a blog, then i considered to join and now think i will intend to write in this blog and while waiting for few month for the approval
You Now the site wright ?? if you don't.... I'll tell some of this web

This site named www.smorty.com
Few Rules from smorty i copied here

1. You must have a blog setup with written content in order to use Smorty’s service. Unfortunately we do not provide any hosting.

2. Your Blog must be in English

3. Your Blog should indexed in any search engine, example google and yahoo

4. Your blog must permanent

That's few about www.smorty.com